Player Roster

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Team Id Last Name First Name Gender Affiliation Handle
2 Arvanitis Dan M Derryfield Country Club Dan Arvanitis
2 Lafferty Liz F Derryfield Country Club Liz Lafferty
2 Mahan Patrick M Derryfield Country Club Patrick Mahan
2 Watt Tara F Derryfield Country Club Tara Watt
3 Tsouprakakis Debra F Campbell's Scottish Highlands Debra Tsouprakakis
3 Nour Irene F Campbell's Scottish Highlands Irene Nour
3 Nour Moustafa M Campbell's Scottish Highlands Moustafa Nour
3 Tsouprakakis Paul M Campbell's Scottish Highlands Paul Tsouprakakis
4 Rankins Diane F Country Club of New Hampshire Diane Rankins
4 Martin Doug M Country Club of New Hampshire Doug Martin
4 Rankins Leo M Country Club of New Hampshire Leo Rankins
4 Wilks Rowena F Country Club of New Hampshire Rowena Wilks
5 Cullity Bill M Derryfield Country Club Bill Cullity
5 Degrandmaison Gary M Derryfield Country Club Gary Degrandmaison
5 Teas Joanna F Derryfield Country Club Joanna Teas
5 Cullity Roberta F Derryfield Country Club Roberta Cullity
6 Hard Carol F Blackmount Country Club Carol Hard
6 Schieman Cindy F Blackmount Country Club Cindy Schieman
6 Schieman Larry M Blackmount Country Club Larry Schieman
6 Aremburg Raymond M Blackmount Country Club Raymond Aremburg
7 Borsa Barbara F Cochecho Country Club Barbara Borsa
7 Kalinowski Bob M Cochecho Country Club Bob Kalinowski
7 Surette Glenn M Cochecho Country Club Glenn Surette
7 Biehl Shannon F Cochecho Country Club Shannon Biehl
8 Guy Denis M Loudon Country Club Denis Guy
8 Fontaine Joe F Loudon Country Club Joe Fontaine
8 Fontaine Mary F Loudon Country Club Mary Fontaine
8 Guy Valerie F Loudon Country Club Valerie Guy
9 McGee Brenda F Den Brae Golf Course Brenda McGee
9 Stewart Brian M Den Brae Golf Course Brian Stewart
9 Mercier Gary M Den Brae Golf Course Gary Mercier
9 Pletch Linda F Den Brae Golf Course Linda Pletch
11 Landry Bob M Loudon Country Club Bob Landry
11 Brickner Karen F Loudon Country Club Karen Brickner
11 Landry Karen F Loudon Country Club Karen Landry
11 Gustafson Randall M Loudon Country Club Randall Gustafson
12 Golter Barbara F Pease Golf Course Barbara Golter
12 Downall Christine F Pease Golf Course Christine Downall
12 Golter Jim M Pease Golf Course Jim Golter
12 Downall William M Pease Golf Course William Downall
14 Wolkowski John M Derryfield Country Club John Wolkowski
14 Kress Lisa F Derryfield Country Club Lisa Kress
14 Heymans Lynne F Derryfield Country Club Lynne Heymans
14 Lacey Sean M Derryfield Country Club Sean Lacey