Alternate List - 115th New Hampshire Amateur Championship

Below is the priority list for alternates for the 115th New Hampshire Amateur Championship at Hanover Country Club. Alternates will be used to fill the field to full capacity and replace and players who withdraw after qualifying. Players will be used to replace withdrawals and will be notified via e-mail anytime prior to Friday, July 6th at 11:59PM. After that time,the on-site alternate policy will take effect.

On-site alternates need to check in with a member of the NHGA staff on Sunday, July 8th to be placed on the list. Regardless of the order in which alternates check-in, replacements will be selected by taking the highest player on the priority list that has checked-in.


  1. Brennen Gillis - Added to field 7/2/18
  2. Taylor Scott - Added to field 7/3/18
  3. Scott Underhill - Added to field 7/6/18
  4. Tom Levins
  5. Mike Davis
  6. Jake Castricone
  7. Ryan Stankiewicz
  8. Peter Lown
  9. David Boardman
  10. John Sterling
  11. Anders Dachsteiner
  12. Kyle Sarausky
  13. Nathaniel Kabogoh
  14. Darek Robertson
  15. Mark Smart