Player Roster

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Handle Affiliation
Allen Pattee Souhegan Woods Golf Club
Arthur Labbay Loudon Country Club
Bill Barton Kingswood Golf Club
Bill Everett Laconia Country Club
Bill Maguire Bretwood Golf Course
Bill Sheridan Nashua Country Club
Bob Adams Rochester Country Club
Bob Davis Loudon Country Club
Bob Dudra Breakfast Hill Golf Club
Bob Kalinowski Cochecho Country Club
Bob Kearney Bretwood Golf Course
Bob Landry Loudon Country Club
Bob Mielcarz Concord Country Club
Brian Lohnes Souhegan Woods Golf Club
Carl Fitzgerald Pease Golf Course
Chuck Tewell Breakfast Hill Golf Club
Craig Steckowych Portsmouth Country Club
Daniel Arvanitis Derryfield Country Club
Daniel Noonan CandiaOaks
David Kane Derryfield Country Club
Dennis Defrancesco Pease Golf Course
Douglas DeCaprio Wentworth by the Sea Country Club
Eric Emeneau Souhegan Woods Golf Club
Gary Fieldsend CandiaOaks
Herb Buchine Stonebridge Country Club
Jack Benson Den Brae Golf Course
Jack Meehan Souhegan Woods Golf Club
James Rodrigues Amherst Country Club
Jean Rounds Ridgewood Country Club
Jeff Young The Overlook Golf Club
Jim Cardoso Concord Country Club
Jim Conley Derryfield Country Club
Jim Jankowski Baker Hill Golf Club
Jim Seawards Cochecho Country Club
Jim Tokanel Hidden Creek Country Club
Jody Ruonala Nashua Country Club
John Burnham Cochecho Country Club
John Esterbrook Crotched Mtn. Golf Club & Reso
John Flynn Cochecho Country Club
John Macinnes Crotched Mtn. Golf Club & Reso
John Sterling Souhegan Woods Golf Club
Joseph Boyle Windham CC Online
Joseph Mills Bretwood Golf Course
Kevin Doherty Manchester Country Club
Kevin Smith Breakfast Hill Golf Club
Lance Pelley Derryfield Country Club
Larry Hall Campbell's Scottish Highlands
Larry Nuttall Candia Woods Golf Links
Les Barton Canterbury Woods Country Club
Mark Campbell Bushwood Country Club
Mark Field Derryfield Country Club
Michael Cote Green Meadow Inner Club
Michael McGuinness Portsmouth Country Club
Mike Blair Bretwood Golf Course
Norman Soucy Souhegan Woods Golf Club
Pat Dion Amherst Country Club
Pete Desjardins Atkinson Resort & Country Club
Peter Beaulieu Profile Senior Golfers Assoc
Peter Stopera Nashua Country Club
Phil Pleat Nashua Country Club
Richard Peek Exeter Country Club
Russ Michaud Amherst Country Club
Scott Jangraw Nashua Country Club
Scott Pruce Passaconoway CC
Steve Haselton Newport Golf Club
Steve Thompson Pease GC Online
Terry Dostie Pease Golf Course
Thomas Handy Apple Hill Golf Club
Tim Hartnett Concord Country Club
Tony Fournier Portsmouth Country Club
Vitaly Rizhevsky The Overlook Golf Club
William Krueger Concord Country Club