Player Roster

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Last Name First Name Affiliation Entry # Handle
Abodeely Mike Windham Country Club 23 Mike Abodeely
Belanger Susan Apple Hill Golf Club 9 Susan Belanger
Brodeur Marlene Pembroke Pines Country Club 5 Marlene Brodeur
Brooks Lori Souhegan Woods Golf Club 19 Lori Brooks
Burnham Rich Pembroke Pines Country Club 6 Rich Burnham
Campbell Diane Pembroke Pines Country Club 7 Diane Campbell
Campbell John Pembroke Pines Country Club 8 John Campbell
Campbell Kevin Campbell's Scottish Highlands 16 Kevin Campbell
Casserly Lynn Apple Hill Golf Club 10 Lynn Casserly
Collins Geoffrey Apple Hill Golf Club 12 Geoffrey Collins
Cosgrove Candi Windham Country Club 21 Candi Cosgrove
Culbert Michael Breakfast Hill Golf Club 1 Michael Culbert
Culbert Peter Breakfast Hill Golf Club 2 Peter Culbert
Downall Christine Pease Golf Course 29 Christine Downall
Downall William Pease Golf Course 30 William Downall
Frazier Ben Souhegan Woods Golf Club 20 Ben Frazier
Freda Stacey Windham Country Club 24 Stacey Freda
Hillner Jack Apple Hill Golf Club 11 Jack Hillner
Horner Ruthann Owl's Nest Golf Club 27 Ruthann Horner
Hoyt Leslie Owl's Nest Golf Club 28 Leslie Hoyt
Kearn Joyce Pease Golf Course 31 Joyce Kearn
Labrie Greg Campbell's Scottish Highlands 14 Greg Labrie
LaBrie Teresa Campbell's Scottish Highlands 13 Teresa LaBrie
Livingstone Peter Windham Country Club 22 Peter Livingstone
Moore Kenneth Souhegan Woods Golf Club 18 Kenneth Moore
Park Jeff Owl's Nest Golf Club 26 Jeff Park
Perkins Cindy Souhegan Woods Golf Club 17 Cindy Perkins
Perkins John Owl's Nest Golf Club 33 John Perkins
Rappoli Carol Breakfast Hill Golf Club 4 Carol Rappoli
Rigg Thomas Breakfast Hill Golf Club 3 Thomas Rigg
Sprouse Paul Pease Golf Course 32 Paul Sprouse
Uhlman Mike Owl's Nest Golf Club 25 Mike Uhlman
Wright Pam Campbell's Scottish Highlands 15 Pam Wright