Player Roster

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Last Name First Name Affiliation Entry # Handle
Anderson Ryan Laconia CC 113 Ryan Anderson
Arvanitis Daniel Derryfield Country Club 14 Daniel Arvanitis
Auger Michael Derryfield Country Club 94 Michael Auger
Badger Kyle Derryfield Country Club 21 Kyle Badger
Bell George The Oaks Golf Links 35 George Bell
Brown Robby Abenaqui Country Club 72 Robby Brown
Burke Jeremy Hoodkroft Country Club 47 Jeremy Burke
Burroughs Matt Derryfield Country Club 22 Matt Burroughs
Campbell Mark Bushwood Country Club 5 Mark Campbell
Cohen Jay Bushwood Country Club 8 Jay Cohen
Conley Jim Derryfield Country Club 16 Jim Conley
Dapkus William Passaconaway Country Club 54 William Dapkus
Defeo Robert Hoodkroft Country Club 45 Robert Defeo
Degrandmaison Gary Derryfield Country Club 112 Gary Degrandmaison
Devito John Passaconaway Country Club 53 John Devito
Dockham Justin Laconia Country Club 43 Justin Dockham
Doherty Bennett Manchester Country Club 84 Bennett Doherty
Doherty Kevin Manchester Country Club 82 Kevin Doherty
Doyle Dan Canterbury Woods Country Club 98 Dan Doyle
Duval Jeffrey Derryfield Country Club 61 Jeffrey Duval
Dyer Jon Nashua Country Club 3 Jon Dyer
Evans Eric Portsmouth Country Club 28 Eric Evans
Evans Peter Bushwood Country Club 6 Peter Evans
Everett Bill Laconia Country Club 41 Bill Everett
Field Mark Derryfield Country Club 38 Mark Field
Fisher Mark Green Meadow Inner Club 102 Mark Fisher
Forbush Joseph Live Free Golf Club 31 Joseph Forbush
Fox Austin Derryfield Country Club 23 Austin Fox
Franggos Pete Derryfield Country Club 106 Pete Franggos
Ganly Austin Pease Golf Course 20 Austin Ganly
Groft Harvin The Oaks Golf Links 34 Harvin Groft
Guimond Thomas Green Meadow Inner Club 104 Thomas Guimond
Hallee Guy Derryfield Country Club 93 Guy Hallee
Hamel Russell Nashua Country Club 91 Russell Hamel
Hampoian Nick The Golf Club of New England 11 Nick Hampoian
Hesseltine Patrick Laconia Country Club 44 Patrick Hesseltine
Johnson Dan Derryfield Country Club 96 Dan Johnson
Keilty Peter Portsmouth Country Club 25 Peter Keilty
Kenniston Scott Derryfield Country Club 57 Scott Kenniston
Kesselring Casey Canterbury Woods Country Club 97 Casey Kesselring
Klein Joshua Live Free Golf Club 29 Joshua Klein
LaChance Michael Green Meadow Inner Club 101 Michael LaChance
Langella John Derryfield Country Club 39 John Langella
Larrivee David Manchester Country Club 81 David Larrivee
Larrivee Roger Manchester Country Club 83 Roger Larrivee
Lawrence Chad Live Free Golf Club 32 Chad Lawrence
Leclair Noah Nashua Country Club 92 Noah Leclair
Leclaire Jared Abenaqui Country Club 69 Jared Leclaire
Lien Cameron Passaconaway Country Club 56 Cameron Lien
Lien Jarred Passaconaway Country Club 55 Jarred Lien
Linehan Scott Derryfield Country Club 105 Scott Linehan
Ludwig Karl Derryfield Country Club 59 Karl Ludwig
Mahan Patrick Derryfield Country Club 13 Patrick Mahan
Mareno Thomas Derryfield Country Club 15 Thomas Mareno
Maurice Sam Hoodkroft Country Club 48 Sam Maurice
McCoy Eric Nashua Country Club 1 Eric McCoy
McDonald Gary Green Meadow Inner Club 103 Gary McDonald
Michaud Michael Atkinson Resort & Country Club 68 Michael Michaud
Miele Christopher Nashua Country Club 117 Christopher Miele
Miele Stephen Laconia Country Club 118 Stephen Miele
Moreault Dustin Derryfield Country Club 64 Dustin Moreault
Morin Marc Derryfield Country Club 37 Marc Morin
Mulkern Dan The Golf Club of New England 9 Dan Mulkern
Mullett Peter Atkinson Resort & Country Club 67 Peter Mullett
Murphy Michael Pease Golf Course 19 Michael Murphy
Noonan Daniel The Oaks Golf Links 33 Daniel Noonan
Pappalardo Tylor Hoodkroft Country Club 46 Tylor Pappalardo
Pelley Lance Derryfield Country Club 24 Lance Pelley
Perry Kevin Derryfield Country Club 95 Kevin Perry
Petersen Troy Atkinson Resort & Country Club 66 Troy Petersen
Petropulos Dj Nashua Country Club 4 Dj Petropulos
Piehler Brian Pease Golf Course 18 Brian Piehler
Pollet Chris Portsmouth Country Club 27 Chris Pollet
Proia David The Oaks Golf Links 36 David Proia
Proulx Robert Derryfield Country Club 40 Robert Proulx
Rahn Patrick The Golf Club of New England 12 Patrick Rahn
Raney William Laconia Country Club 115 William Raney
Rice Peter Derryfield Country Club 110 Peter Rice
Robertson Darek Canterbury Woods Country Club 100 Darek Robertson
Rollins Evan Laconia Country Club 114 Evan Rollins
Roussin Chris Live Free Golf Club 78 Chris Roussin
Roussin Rich Live Free Golf Club 79 Rich Roussin
Sceggell Nick Laconia Country Club 116 Nick Sceggell
Sherborne David Laconia Country Club 42 David Sherborne
Skilogianis George Derryfield Country Club 111 George Skilogianis
Slattery Jaron Nashua Country Club 2 Jaron Slattery
Smith Scott Live Free Golf Club 80 Scott Smith
Sokul James Abenaqui Country Club 71 James Sokul
Stamoulis Alex Derryfield Country Club 108 Alex Stamoulis
Stamoulis Chris Derryfield Country Club 107 Chris Stamoulis
Stamoulis Demetrios Derryfield Country Club 60 Demetrios Stamoulis
Steckowych Craig Portsmouth Country Club 26 Craig Steckowych
Stover Rich Abenaqui Country Club 70 Rich Stover
Sullivan Kyle Derryfield Country Club 62 Kyle Sullivan
Sullivan Tim Derryfield Country Club 109 Tim Sullivan
Tagalakis Peter Derryfield Country Club 63 Peter Tagalakis
Theriault John Live Free Golf Club 30 John Theriault
Theriault Michael Atkinson Resort & Country Club 65 Michael Theriault
Thornton Tom Derryfield Country Club 58 Tom Thornton
Trembley Mark Live Free Golf Club 77 Mark Trembley
Underhill Scott Canterbury Woods Country Club 99 Scott Underhill
Vigneault Robert Bushwood Country Club 7 Robert Vigneault
Warlick Matt Pease Golf Course 17 Matt Warlick
Wilson Brett The Golf Club of New England 10 Brett Wilson
Zimmerman Bryce Nashua Country Club 90 Bryce Zimmerman
Zimmerman Rob Nashua Country Club 89 Rob Zimmerman